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2018 Nov 6 Manual Tally

2018 Nov 6 Election Night Reporting Schedule

2018 Nov 6 Mid-Day Notice

2018 Nov 6 Vote Early on Saturday

2018 Nov 6 No Write In Candidates

2018 Nov 6 Registration Deadline New Citizens

2018 November 6 Write In Candidate Closing October 23

2018 November 6 Registration Deadline last reminder

2018 November 6 Election Pollworkers Needed

2018 National Voter Registration Day

2018 November 6 Election - Write In Candidate Open September 10

2018 November 6 Election - Extended Period Candidate Registration

2018 November 6 Election - Notice of Local Measures

2018 November 6 Election - Candidate Filing Dates Close

2018 November 6 Election - Candidate Filing Dates Open

2018 November 6 Election - Notice of Election - Statewide General Election

2018 November 6 Election - A Call to Candidates for the November 6, 2018 Statewide General Election

Press Release Announcing Odd to Even year election change

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