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Request a Cross-Over Ballot – No Party Preference Voters
(Presidential Primary)

To vote for president in a primary, No Party Preference (Nonpartisan) voters have three options.


Option 1: Request a cross-over ballot.
This option is only available if allowed by the party. This option will not affect the voter’s nonpartisan status. The parties that allow cross-over voting include the American Independent Party, Democratic Party, and Libertarian Party.

Request a cross-over ballot online at this link:
No Party Preference Cross-Over Ballot Notice and Application

Other ways to request a cross-over ballot:

  • Return your nonpartisan cross-over ballot request card via regular mail.

  • Email the scanned image of your nonpartisan cross-over card to vbm@co.monterey.ca.us.

  • Call (831) 796-1499 or toll-free (866) 887-9274 to make your request over the phone.

  • In person at the Monterey County Elections office, 1441 Schilling Place – North Building, Salinas, CA 93901.

  • At your assigned polling place, bring your mailed nonpartisan ballot to surrender to poll workers.


Option 2: Re-register with the political party.
This is the only option available if the party does not allow cross-over voting for the presidential primary. Re-register at www.registertovote.ca.gov. The parties that require voters to be registered with their party to vote in their presidential contest include the Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party, and Republican Party.


Option 3. Take No Action. 
Your ballot will not include a presidential contest, but it will include all other applicable contests.


NOTE: In addition to the partisan presidential contest, the requested ballot will include all voter nominated and local nonpartisan contests in the election. These voter nominated and local nonpartisan contests are the same that are included on the nonpartisan ballot.