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Summary of Campaign Disclosure Forms


All candidates for state and local offices are required to file campaign disclosure statements. Additionally, any committee formed to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure is required to file campaign disclosure statements.

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is the authority on all matters relating to campaign disclosure. Questions and comments should be submitted directly to the Commission: www.fppc.ca.gov.


FORM 501 – Candidate Intention Statement  
This statement must be filed before a candidate solicits or receives any contributions or loans from others or before any expenditures are made from personal funds on behalf of his/her candidacy, excluding personal funds used to pay filing fees and/or fees for Statements of Qualifications. View form.

FORM 410 - Statement of Organization  
In addition to the above-mentioned form, a Form 410 must be filed with the Secretary of State's Office to obtain a Committee Identification Number. Form 410 must be filed if a candidate or committee receives contributions or loans totaling $2,000 in a calendar year. This statement must be filed within 10 days of opening a campaign bank account at a financial institution in California. View form.

FORM 460 - Recipient Committee Campaign Statement
Candidates for office who receive contributions or have expenditures in excess of $2,000 must file pre-election and semi-annual campaign statements during the year in which their election is being held. Please refer to the Campaign Report and Statement Filing Schedule included in your FPPC packet. *This form is required to be filed electronically.

FORM 470 - Officeholder/Candidate Campaign Statement-Short Form
Candidates for office who expect to receive or spend less than $2,000 during the election and who do not have a controlled committee may file a Form 470 with their Declaration of Candidacy (or no later than the filing deadline for the first pre-election campaign statement). View form.

FORM 470 – Supplemental
Supplemental Candidate and Officeholder Campaign Statement. This form applies to candidates and officeholders who have filed a Form 470 and subsequently receive contributions or make contributions totaling $2,000 or more for a calendar year. Once a Supplemental Form 470 is filed, the candidate or officeholder will be required to file a Form 410 and 460. View form.

FORM 497 – 24-hour Contribution Report
Filed by state and local committees making or receiving contribution(s) whose combined total is $1,000 or more in the 90 days before an election, committees reporting contributions of $5,000 or more in connection with a state ballot measure, and state candidates as well as state ballot measure committees that receive $5,000 or more at any time other than a 90-day election cycle. *This form is required to be filed electronically.

FORM 496 – 24-hour Independent Expenditure Report
Filed by committees that make independent expenditures whose combined total is $1,000 or more to support or oppose a single candidate for elective office, or a single ballot measure. The form is filed within 24-hours of making the expenditure during the 90 days immediately preceding the election. *This form is required to be filed electronically.

FORM 700 – Statement of Economic Interests
Filed by all candidates. Discloses a candidate’s investments, interests in real property, and any income received during the preceding 12 months. View form.